Your professional development

Employees are a company’s most important resource. So it is worth investing in their health. After all, if you are dissatisfied and unhappy at work, you will fall ill more quickly, be less productive, and in the long-run, you might even risk burnout. There are numerous opportunities to positively shape your own professional development and that of your employees. Business coaching is one of them. As your success coach, I will support you in developing your potential, help you overcome conflicts and strengthen your team. You will see that your team will achieve more than you ever dared to think possible. They will learn to be more satisfied, more balanced and will achieve top performances.

Mental strength for all-around success

From many years of coaching practice, I know that stress and pressure have less of an impact on those people who are mentally strong. Overtime, lack of work-life balance, hardly any time for yourself – does this sound familiar? Each of us has probably experienced one or even several of these problems. People in a leading role, in particular, often describe similar life circumstances to me, and it often pushes them to the edge of their limits. But nobody likes to admit that. After all, today we are expected to be able to reconcile job, family and leisure time without any problems. But at what price? Must we pay for it with our health?

You can take matters into your own hands. Through intensive personal coaching, I will support you by introducing professional, thought-provoking ideas and providing you with helpful tools. I will also help you to identify your own needs, strengths and abilities so that you can lead a healthy and successful professional life.

Stress and pressure have less of an impact on those people who are mentally strong.

How we approach your professional development

I advise and support large and small companies by providing individual or group coaching sessions. Because I don’t follow a set plan, everyone can achieve success. Instead, I always approach new clients with an open mind and deal with their concerns individually. In addition, I regularly attend further training courses in order to be able to guarantee you holistic advice at the highest level.

During our first session I will look for a precise picture of your current personal state of being, or that of your team. This helps me to develop a tailor-made roadmap that will use the coaching methods that are right for you. You do not need to prepare for our first meeting. I recommend keeping a coaching diary where you can record your personal development and tasks for the next session.

Do you have any questions about costs, dates, sessions, etc. – get in touch! 

A summary of my business coaching experience

  • Management of group dynamic processes in Austria, Italy and Germany
  • Independent training seminars using the Dr. Langlotz approach
  • Lectures on holistic consulting methods
  • Coaching of tourism and hotel businesses
  • Management of teambuilding processes in large commercial enterprises
  • Individual coaching for business enterprises
  • Involvement in crisis intervention team

My coaching focus

In professional life, we are constantly confronted with new challenges and obstacles. Sometimes we make a conscious decision, for example taking a new career path. But there are also situations – such as bullying, stress or conflicts – that we can’t avoid. I will provide quality professional support during every phase of your professional development:

  • Personal development
  • Change management
  • Further development for career advancement
  • Handover of companies
  • Generational management
  • Communication training
  • Positive Coaching
  • Birth families / system-theoretical approaches / independence training
  • Bullying
  • Resilience
  • Dealing with difficult employees / bosses
  • Mindfulness training / mindfulness-based stress reduction


Stress and pressure have less of an impact on those people who are mentally strong.

Your personal development

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