My promise of success

Whether in your private life or in your daily professional life, communication is the key to a harmonious, modern and mature interaction with other people. The decisive factor is not only how we communicate something, but also what we are able to say aloud. Can I communicate my own needs clearly? Do I talk about problems openly? Can I admit mistakes and am I prepared to discuss solutions together? It quickly becomes clear that communication also begins at home, with oneself. And that’s good, because I can reassure you that when people work on themselves, there is always a 100% success rate.

The right place for honest communication

As an experienced coach, I can support you with professional and thought-provoking ideas and create space needed for honest communication. Not only metaphorically, but also in the down to earth sense of the words.

My practices in Vienna and Leutasch are places where I live a life of mindfulness and acceptance. I want you to feel comfortable here so that we can speak freely on the same level. Some topics are best broached in more space and with fresh air to breathe. That’s why I also use a “walk and talk” approach. It has been scientifically proven that challenging topics are often better dealt with in motion, such as when taking a walk through the great outdoors. What could be better suited for this than the inspiring landscape around Lake Weidach?

When people work on themselves, it’s always a 100% success.

Your personal development

Do you want to improve yourself? Or perhaps you are looking for professional stimulation so you can focus on yourself? >

Your professional development

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