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“How do I know that I need professional support like coaching? I’m actually doing OK apart from these particular situations. When do I reach the point when I really can’t go on alone? And do I even have to let it get that far?”

These questions are difficult to answer and, most importantly, they have to be answered on a personal level. I would say that coaching for personal development is for anyone who wants to take a long, in-depth look at themselves and their environment. The reasons for doing this can differ greatly because our own challenges and obstacles are as individual as our personalities. Whether it’s tension within a relationship, taking a new path, stress or feeling stuck – all are topics well worth exploring. And you decide when the moment is right for you.

Coaching for an independent life

We are harder and harder on ourselves, mainly due to constantly growing social pressures. We lose sight of our own personality and strengths because we are often so busy comparing ourselves to other people, whether to another parent in the playground, a colleague at work, that fitness blogger on the Internet, or even within our own family. This not only affects self-confidence, but also self-esteem. The focus needs to be on yourself and your life. Coaching is a very effective way to achieve more clarity about your own wishes and abilities. Because with coaching you can rediscover yourself and get rid of unproductive patterns of behavior.

I can’t take the first step towards your personal development, but I will be at your side for every other step. Together, we will face your fears and articulate your goals. As a neutral, professional discussion partner, however, I cannot provide you with ready-made solutions, but I can use scientific methods to support you in developing your own.

Coaching is a very effective way to achieve more clarity about your own abilities.

How we approach your personal development

Coaching is not a “one size fits all” pattern for solving problems. There is more than one method for success. I therefore always approach a new client with an open mind and deal with their concerns individually. In addition, I regularly attend further training courses in order to be able to guarantee you holistic advice at the highest level.

During our first session I will look for a precise picture of your current personal state of being. This helps me to develop a tailor-made roadmap that will use the coaching methods that are right for you. You do not need to prepare for our first meeting. However, I recommend that you keep a coaching diary where you can record your personal development and tasks for the next session.

Unfortunately, Austrian health insurance does not cover the costs of coaching and consultation, but you can be reimbursed by a private supplementary insurance company. Do you have any further questions? Go for it!

My coaching focus

Personal development is not only about the big picture. After all, we can outgrow ourselves in many ways. Change therefore usually starts on a small scale and is linked to a specific scenario, which ultimately ends up triggering a wave of insight. I will provide you with quality professional support in the most diverse areas and phases of your life:

  • Couples counseling / couple coaching
  • Birth families / system-theoretical approaches / independence training
  • Generational management / handover management
  • Communication training
  • Personal (professional) status analysis
  • Positive Coaching
  • Sports coaching
  • Grief counseling
  • LGBTQ support
  • Parenting support
  • Slimming support
  • Relationship break-up support
  • Support with addictions (always in conjunction with a doctor)
  • Immigration support

Coaching is a very effective way to achieve more clarity about your own abilities.

Your professional development

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About me – Michaela Angerer

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