About me –
Michaela Angerer

If living in a big family has taught me one thing, it’s that everything always comes down to mutual understanding. And by always, I mean every area of our lives. Only by communicating with each other honestly and discussing our problems openly, we can succeed in interacting in a harmonious, modern way. As the oldest of four siblings, I developed empathy for people and their personal needs at an early age. This fascination for interpersonal relationships finally led me to who I am now: a professional success coach.

In my life, I never took the straight and easy way. Due to my curiosity I was always open for whatever happened and tried new things. The 12 yeas I spent in Italy were part of this great adventure. Sometimes I stumbled or reached a dead end. What did I learn in those moments? Mistakes happen. But by dealing with them calmly and constructively, new doors open – spiritually and in effectively. This is how people surpass themselves.

But in the end, I remained true to my roots. Back home again, I live and work in the beautiful Tyrolean mountains on Lake Weidach. This beautiful landscape still fascinates and inspires me day by day. And when I’m gripped by the thirst for adventure again, I let myself be captivated by nature on foot or on skis.

My career as a success coach

Master of Arts, Business & Team Coach DBCA
(Dr. Bock Akademie)
Management Consultant / Business Organization
(GEwO 1994)
Certified Consultant in Positive Coaching
System Coach in Positive Psychology
Philosophical Coach
(Milton-Erikson-Institut, Heidelberg)
Systemic SELF Integration Langlotz
(Dr. Langlotz)
Expert in case management and support of relatives, dementia specialist
Private practice since 2000 in Tirol
Private practice since 2011 in Vienna
Coaching languages: German, Italian, English, French

About my work as a success coach

The way to finding solutions is by being prepared to change our perspective. Only by doing so, we can reflect on ourselves, our challenges, and the hurdles we face. I also use this approach as a success coach. I support you by introducing professional, thought-provoking ideas, creating space and launching conversations. This is because I want you to improve and do better. You have to start with yourself and learn how to get a grip on your bad thoughts. This is the foundation for promoting a good error culture, and for respectfully interacting and understanding each other.

You have to focus on clearing your mind.

My promise of success

When people work on themselves, it’s always a success. Learn more about my work and my goals as a success coach. >

Your personal development

Do you want to improve yourself? Or perhaps you are looking for professional stimulation so you can focus on yourself? >

Your professional development

Do you want to fully realize your potential, or do you need support at work? >


Close your eyes and be aware. >
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